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27 Aug 2013 09:27 - 27 Aug 2013 09:27 #9 by
replied the topic: BREAKING: Carowinds 3 year plan
"SANDUSKY, Ohio, Aug. 26, 2013 -- Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN),
a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment,
today announced a multi-year expansion project for its Carowinds amusement park
located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"The continued growth in the Charlotte market presents a unique opportunity for
our Carowinds amusement park, which we believe is ready for record-breaking
attractions," said Richard Zimmerman, Cedar Fair's Chief Operating Officer.
"Over the next three years we intend to make several significant investments in
both the amusement and water park areas, including new rides and attractions,
new and upgraded food locations, and general infrastructure improvements. We
plan to expand the capacity of Carowinds in all areas to appropriately serve its
market and provide our guests with a 'Best Day of Summer' experience each and
every time they visit our park."

The Company, which recently opened a satellite corporate office in Charlotte,
expects the expanded park will draw additional tourists to the already popular
Charlotte market. It will invest more than $50 million over the next three
years and expects to hire an additional 15 full-time and approximately 270
seasonal jobs to support these new investments. As with many of its capital
investments across the country, the Company will look to hire local companies to
help with the design and construction of this multi-year expansion."

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07 Sep 2013 23:43 - 07 Sep 2013 23:43 #10 by
replied the topic: BREAKING: Carowinds announces Mega-Slides for 2014

Mega-slides coming to Carowinds water park!
Enhanced dining options and facilities also planned for 2014.

Charlotte, NC- Sept.7,2013 Carowinds, Thrill Capital of the Southeast, is excited to bring two new breathtaking water slides to Boomerang Bay for Summer 2014. The mega-slides are the first phase of a multi-year, multi-million dollar capital investment plan at Carowinds. The new slides will stand over 4 stories high and add 600+feet of sliding fun, bringing new thrills and splashes to the popular water park. The slides will offer two distinctively different rides unique to Boomerang Bay.

Surfer’s Swell will travel a total of 263 feet; riders will plunge onto an angled wall that mimics the sensation of catching an ocean wave. Guests then gracefully enter a final tunnel for a fun ‘splash landing’ into a pool at the bottom of this 45 foot tall experience. Dorsal Fin Drop offers 351 feet of slide and takes riders on the whirl of a lifetime as they gain speed in a curved-tunnel that blasts them into a bowl. Like a shark circling its prey, guests spin and swirl before sliding into the corkscrew exit.

The slides are primed to make Boomerang Bay better than ever in 2014 as they add to its popular attractions, including two wave pools, 11 slides, and 2 kiddie splash pools with over 2 million gallons of water in total. “Cedar Fair is committed to building more excitement and value for our Carowinds guests” says Bart Kinzel, Carowinds Vice-President and General Manager, “The slides are just the first phase of a multi year park investment plan that will continue to deliver the best-day-of-summer that guests have come to expect.”

Set to open in May 2014, construction will begin this Fall and will be documented on the Park’s social media channels. Guests who want to experience the water slides can purchase a 2014 Season Pass at or at the park during any operating day. Guests wishing to take advantage of the best price of the season will want to act before October 27th.

Carowinds to add NEW Enhanced Dining facilities and menu.
In addition to the 2 new slides, Carowinds will enhance the dining experience and food offerings at the park with a multi-million dollar investment. The investment will provide guests with a broader variety of food service options; additional air-conditioned venues and expanded capacity to feed and entertain the thousands of daily visitors at the park. Information on Carowinds schedule, prices and attractions can always be found online at

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18 Sep 2013 00:27 - 18 Sep 2013 00:27 #11 by
replied the topic: BREAKING: More Carowinds details emerge !
Charlotte Business Journal Morning Edition Newsletter
Sep 17, 2013, 2:08pm EDT
Susan Stabley
Staff Writer- Charlotte Business Journal

More details on Carowinds expansion as incentives goes to Mecklenburg County for a vote

Carowinds ranked second on the Charlotte Business Journal's listing of the area's top tourist attractions with 2 million visitors in 2012.

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners will vote today on its share of a nearly $1 million in public subsidies to support Carowinds’ planned $43.5 million expansion.

Last night, Charlotte City Council approved in a 7-4 vote to pay the park’s owners $377,952 over three years as an incentive to expand. Mecklenburg County has been asked to kick in $594,516 over the same time.

County documents about the incentives provide more details about the amusement park’s plans. While Carowinds straddles the North Carolina-South Carolina line, the expansion is largely planned within city (and thus county) limits. The first phase of the expansion includes a $30 million roller coaster, a $2.5 million water slide, a $7 million food complex and about $4 million for upgrades to ticket booths and frontage areas.

Mecklenburg pegs the investment on its side of the state line at $30 million. City documents estimate that at $33 million.

Carowinds owner Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. is expected to invest the rest in York County, S.C. It’s not clear if officials there will commit any incentives to the expansion. Mark Farris, director of the York County Economic Development Board, could not be reached for comment.

Cedar Fair (NYSE:FUN) says 285 jobs will be created in the expansion. Only 15 are full-time positions, and the balance will go to seasonal workers. The full-time jobs will pay an average of $43,000, which is 94 percent of the regional average. The seasonal jobs pay $8.10 to $8.25 an hour.

Cedar Fair chose Carowinds for expansion instead of a park in Virginia because of the incentive offer, according to county documents. The county’s analysis of the project sees a net benefit of $511,021 over six years.

County commissioners will meet at 6 p.m. in the meeting chamber of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center.

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19 Sep 2013 20:31 - 19 Sep 2013 20:31 #12 by brandonstrouphauer
brandonstrouphauer replied the topic: Carowinds Planning 300 Foot Coaster
Carowinds is planning a 300 foot, $30 million roller coaster! Respond to this thread and post your thoughts... B&M giga?

"Cedar Fair Entertainment, the parent company of Carowinds, plans to build a 300-foot-tall roller coaster – 70 feet taller than the park’s biggest attraction, the Intimidator – according to a closed-session transcript the Charlotte City Council released Wednesday.

The council and Mecklenburg County commissioners voted this week to give Cedar Fair $922,000 in incentives through rebates on property taxes over three years.

The incentives drew some criticism from council members, who said the projected number of new jobs from the park’s $43.5 million expansion would be too small. Carowinds expects to create 15 full-time jobs with an average salary of $43,000 and 270 seasonal jobs that would pay as much as $8.25 an hour.

Some also questioned whether Cedar Fair would expand with or without the incentives.

The closed-session discussion, held in June, gives additional insight into Cedar Fair’s plans and the city’s deliberations:

• At a news conference in August at the Charlotte Chamber announcing the expansion, Cedar Fair was vague about its plans, saying only that it would build new rides, improve restaurants and make other infrastructure improvements.

The city economic development office had given council members more details about plans for the park in June.

The new 300-foot roller coaster would cost $30 million. In addition, the park would spend $2.5 million on a new water slide, $7 million on a new food complex and $4 million on ticket booth and parking lot improvements, according to Peter Zeiler of the city.

• In the June closed session, only two of 11 council members voted against the project – Democrats Patsy Kinsey and Michael Barnes.

Barnes voted against the deal again Monday, but Kinsey has since been elevated to mayor. She did not veto the incentives Monday.

Her replacement, Democrat Billy Maddalon, voted no Monday, as did Democrats Claire Fallon and Patrick Cannon. Fallon and Cannon voted for the incentives in closed session.

“I just have a sense that when something like this comes through the Chamber or somebody else, I feel pressured for one thing, but secondly I just don’t know if the Chamber says, ‘Oh, well, you can go to the city and county to get some money,’ ” Kinsey said during the closed session.

• Carowinds also told the city that half of the 270 seasonal jobs likely would be filled by North Carolina residents and half by South Carolina residents.

The city estimates the expansion would generate an additional 20,000 hotel room nights, about 0.4 percent of the total Mecklenburg hotel market. The city doesn’t expect that to be large enough to drive any new hotel development. Carowinds told the city that about two-thirds of its current hotel stays are in North Carolina.

• When the city’s incentive, called a Business Investment Grant, expires after three years, the city expects the Carowinds additions to generate an additional $110,000 a year in new city property taxes.

• The city said in June that Sandusky, Ohio-based Cedar Fair was deciding whether to expand Carowinds or its King’s Dominion park in Virginia. Some council members were skeptical, saying they believed expansions were likely at both parks.

But city staff didn’t discuss in detail the park’s announcement in 2011 that it had bought 61 acres of vacant land next to Carowinds. That purchase suggests that a Carowinds expansion was a priority for Cedar Fair."

Read the article here:

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19 Sep 2013 23:58 - 19 Sep 2013 23:58 #13 by
replied the topic: Re: Carowinds General Discussion Thread
GREAT NEWS and can't wait. I would love to see an Intamin but do think based on past comments by CF, it will be a B&M Giga (which is fine). Can't wait to see the stats and POV.

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26 Sep 2013 02:12 - 26 Sep 2013 02:12 #14 by pinkfloyd
pinkfloyd replied the topic: Re: Carowinds General Discussion Thread

GREAT NEWS and can't wait. I would love to see an Intamin but do think based on past comments by CF, it will be a B&M Giga (which is fine). Can't wait to see the stats and POV.

I agree B&M is likely, but Intamin would be incredible!

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26 Sep 2013 02:31 - 26 Sep 2013 02:31 #15 by
replied the topic: Re: Carowinds General Discussion Thread
The Intamin ride is rumored to be a launch - and that would be incredible!

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07 Jul 2014 09:31 - 07 Jul 2014 09:41 #16 by thom25
thom25 replied the topic: 2015 Coaster UPDATE
According to Screamscape sources, the new layout for the 2015 coaster have been uncovered. We expect our coverage to be second to none for this ride.

Below are the latest images - What are your thoughts?

Last Edit: 07 Jul 2014 09:41 by thom25.

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