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TOPIC: Hersheypark General Discussion Thread

Laff Trakk Construction Update #10 13 Dec 2014 23:07 #457

The last few weeks have been rainy, windy, and snowy, but we're back with another Laff Trakk construction update! The site looks a LOT different since our last update! Several of the massive steel supports for the framing of the building have been erected, reaching a height of 80 feet!

Full update video with clips from ALTair as well as the ground:

If you're having issues watching the video, click here

Onto the pictures:

It's a huge building!

The Ferris Wheel was taken down for some off-season maintenance this year.

As I mentioned in the video, when driving on Hersheypark Drive towards the park, Laff Trakk REALLY sticks out. With the building being so visible, I can't wait to see what type of theming and facade the outside of the building is going to have.

Above the rooftop of Laff Trakk! I really like this picture because of Wildcat and the snowy hills in the background.

Overview of the entire site. It will be interesting to see what that extension on the bottom right-hand side of the building is going to be for.

See you for our next Laff Trakk update!
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Sweet Lights POV from ALTview 24 Dec 2014 01:34 #458

Brand new ALTview video of the entire 2 mile-long Sweet Lights drive-through spectacular!

Watch the full POV:

If you're having issues watching the video, click here.

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Laff Trakk Construction Update #11 04 Jan 2015 23:37 #459

Hey everyone! It's time for another Laff Trakk construction update. The park has now closed for the year, so the off-season has officially begun (Until April 3rd!). This is our first Laff Trakk update in the New Year. Because of a mix of rainy and windy weather, there's no ALTair in this update.

A lot has changed at Laff Trakk since our last update. The building's third tier has been erected, and all three tiers have gotten much more steel on them. Also, the the third tier is now covered with a roof.

There were around 15 construction workers at the site this day, and they were all in different places doing different things. Something like this really is a huge project that requires workers of many trades! We appreciate them working in the cold weather for our enjoyment of these rides!

As mentioned at the announcement, as well as in our updates, the building is staggered with three tiers. The park is definitely going to have this building fit the theme of the ride - a funhouse with an overall theme of wackiness and randomness! I really am excited to see what the building is going to look like on the outside as construction progresses.

The roof on the third tier of the building, which we believe will be the station side of the building because of the lower roof. Our next ALTair update will be able to show us what the top of the roof looks like! You'll only find that view available here on ALT.

Thanks for reading, and our next update should feature ALTair again to peek at the top of the roof, which is unable to be seen on the ground!
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Laff Trakk Construction Update #12 13 Jan 2015 01:00 #460

We had beautiful weather yesterday in Hershey (finally), so had to take the opportunity to bring ALTair back out for the latest Laff Trakk construction update! Thanks to ALTair, we get a unique view at what the roof of the building looks like, which is one of the areas currently being worked on.

Watch the full video update:

If you're having issues watching the above video, click here.


Work on the roof, which appears to be white. We know it is going to be a red, white, and blue building when all is said and done...

A view from the left side

View from the right side of the building (inside the park).

A small extension to the building, which we believe is for the queue of the coaster.

It's a big building!

Keep tuned for our next update, which should show more of the roof being constructed as well as possibly the start of the sides.

Thanks for reading and watching!
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Laff Trakk Update #13 - First Steel Track Arrival! 14 Jan 2015 21:13 #461

Special delivery! Laff Trakk's steel track has started to arrive at the park - and here is the first look at the first delivery! Also in this update, the exterior walls have started to be constructed on the Whip side of the Laff Trakk's building.

Unique video of a piece being unloaded and brought across the lot:

If you're having issues with the video above, click here:

Pictures from today:

I wonder what could be in here?


More track... Looks curvy!

Bringing a piece down...

Taking a look over at the building, the exterior wall on the Whip side is starting to be constructed.

These construction workers seem to enjoy getting their picture taken. We can't thank them enough for all their hard work building all of these rides that we enjoy!

Overview of the building and most of the work done so far.

Metal for the walls of the building.

Track delivery!

If you missed our last ALTair aerial update from just a few days ago, click here.

Thanks for reading & watching, and keep tuned for our next update to find out what is happening at Laff Trakk!
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Laff Trakk and General Off-Season Update 26 Jan 2015 01:01 #462

Not only is this the 14th Laff Trakk construction update, it's also a general off-season construction update with some things going on at the park as well as Chocolate World Construction.

Full Video Update with footage from ALTair as well as the ground:

If you're having issues watching the video, click here.

Moving onto the pictures:

More Laff Trakk track and supports were delivered this past week. There's still another container that will be delivered.

More of the walls have been constructed on all 4 sides of the building, with the wall on the Whip side is all the way to the top, and the Midway Tent side with the least so far.

The view of Laff Trakk's progress from ALTair! You can see the red roof being built on the indoor section of the queue, as well as walls starting to go up on the park-side of the building. Videos from this ALTair flight can be found in the video at the beginning of this post.

This extension of the building will be for the transfer and maintenance area, and walls are being attached in this area.

Back over to the track, here are some lift hill pieces. The one on the left looks like the spot that the car will begin going up the lift hill, and on the right possibly the crest of the lift.

More track.

Myself with Kevin, the Project Manager of Laff Trakk!

Now moving onto the second part of this update, which is mostly Chocolate World construction:

But before Chocolate World, the boat and supports for Hersheypark's Pirate ride has been removed. I'm assuming for maintenance/refurbishment, but we will keep you all posted.

Moving over to Chocolate World, where the next phase in their multi-year renovation and expansion plan has started. Some of the shelves in the chocolate retail space have been cleared of merchandise.

The exterior wall where the 4D Show exit was has been removed. There is going to be an added Chocolate Tasting room for kids, and I suspect expanded/renovated chocolate retail as well.

All of the registers in the chocolate retail have been removed.

Thank you for reading & watching! Keep tuned for our next Laff Trakk and Chocolate World construction update!
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Glimpse Inside the Hersheypark Service Center 28 Jan 2015 00:17 #463

Wintertime is the busiest time of year for the Maintenance Department at Hersheypark. All sorts of specialties and trades come together inside the Hersheypark Service Center, which we were able to tour a few days ago! Many of the things that go on inside the Service Center can sometimes be unrealized. I definitely want to emphasize that there are so many tasks that you don't really think about while enjoying the park in the summer. I'm so grateful for all of the hardworking and skilled maintenance workers who keep the rides and park running!

Watch the full video of our tour of the Service Center as well as talking with the Sr. Director of Maintenance:

If you're having issues with the video, click here:

Moving onto the photos...

Hersheypark has its own Sign Shop where signs from around the park are created and maintained.

Pieces for Lightning Racer's cars that were just painted inside the paint shop.

Some of Fahrenheit's seats!

Fahrenheit car stripped all the way down to the frame.

Sidewinder is just about finished.

One of Comet's car's hung up to facilitate its refurbishment!

Cars for Whip being worked on - The Whip should see increased ridership this year, being right next to Laff Trakk!

Some of Lightning Racer's nice comfy lapbars which were just installed for the 2014 season.

Undercarriages for Lightning Racer.

Nosepiece of a Storm Runner car getting painted.

Sticks for checking the riders' heights just received a fresh coat of paint.

Brand new LED top-piece for WaveSwinger!

New pieces being made for Looper in the machine shop. New vs the old - what a difference!

Looper cars with the parking lot trams in the background.

sooperdooperLooper wheels!

Gary Chubb, Sr. Director of Maintenance, and yours truly in the Service Center. Be sure to watch the video at the beginning of this post for discussion with him as well as more footage from inside the Hersheypark Service Center!

The Hersheypark Service Center is beyond fascinating, and I definitely have a greater respect for all of the hard work that goes into all these rides each and every wintertime!

Thank you for reading and watching!
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Laff Trakk Construction Update #15 05 Feb 2015 21:47 #464

Laff Trakk's building is now entirely enclosed!

Full video update with both ALTair and ground footage:

If you're having issues with the video, click here.

The building is entirely enclosed now. It will be a little bit longer until track starts to be installed inside, as there's still work that needs to happen on the inside. Under the red roof will be an indoor section of the queue and a pre-show.

Equipment and track will be brought in through one open spot of the building.

This was taken a few days ago, and is the only picture out there which shows how the exterior walls are lifted up and brought into position. We actually have video of this in the video at the beginning of this post. Very cool to watch!

The walls are not going to remain completely white. Decorative/theming elements will be put over the white. So while the building may be enclosed, there's still going to be a fair amount of work on the outside of the building!

The park's Pirate ride, both the boat and supports, are still nowhere to be found. My assumption is winter maintenance.

Our friend Chris from Keystone Thrills watched us filming with ALTair yesterday and took this great picture of ALTair in the air!

ALTair captured a great sunset behind Wildcat!

Thank you for reading and watching! Keep tuned for our next Laff Trakk update, as well as a video about how All-American Thrills operates ALTair!
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